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REMINDER: The cutoff time to submit ACH and Tax payments is 3:00 PM. If you need your limit to be temporarily increased, please send us a secure email from within your access by 2:00 PM as this ensures that enough time is provided to increase it for you.

Additionally, if you need to remove a batch that has already been submitted for the day, please send us a secure email from within your access before 3:00 PM to ensure we are able to remove it before our daily processing begins. Thank you!

Please remember that all ACH and Wire transactions submitted through your eBusiness online banking must be on behalf of the business. Please do not submit any personal transactions through the system. If you need to initiate an electronic transaction on behalf of someone other than the business, please contact your local branch for assistance.

Any ACH entries directed to the RDFI 072400528 (Citizens Bank) are being notified to change this number to 041200555 (FirstMerit Bank).

If at anytime you have questions, please contact Chemical Bank’s Customer Care Center at (800) 867-9757.

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